Reference Library

Blood Components
Information about different types of blood products, their expected therapeutic effects and risks.

Blood Components Reference Manual
This manual is intended as a reference tool for staff in the hospitals and facilities served by the Bloodworks Northwest.

Blood Administration Guidelines for King County Hospitals
This document has been prepared by the Bloodworks Northwest Transfusion Safety and Patient Blood Management Department to provide the critical elements for the administration of blood components and is applicable to all licensed clinicians responsible for the administration of blood components.

Indications for Transfusion
The following indications for transfusion were developed by Bloodworks Northwest medical staff. They are evidence-based to the extent that evidence exists, otherwise they are felt to reflect commonly used good transfusion practice. These indications are intended only as general guidance and may not apply in all clinical situations. The final decision to transfuse or not to transfuse must be made by the patient's physician after consideration of all the clinical circumstances.

Position Papers
Position papers are periodically posted to reflect the Blood Center's thinking and recommendations on current topics.

  Bloodworks Northwest provides transfusion medicine consultation and education to assist physicians and medical staff throughout the region we serve. Medical Centers in our area transfused nearly 150,000 units of red cells, over 65,000 units of whole blood platelets during the past year.