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Young Professional Ambassadors

The 2017-18 Bloodworks Young Professional Ambassadors

Bloodworks Young Professional Ambassadors volunteer their time and talents to introduce blood donation to young Seattleites and raise awareness for Bloodworks Northwest programs. You’ll find YPA members leading events at social hubs throughout the cityhalf marathons, Saturday markets, craft breweriesto encourage locals to discover their blood type and register to give blood for Northwest patients

Want to join this dynamic group of young leaders? YPA members meet and network with some of the best and brightest in Seattle and gain hands-on experience in finance, marketing, public speaking and event planning. 

Friday, August 24th is the deadline to apply. If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact

YPA Mission & Roles and Responsibilities


To enhance and support the mission of Bloodworks Northwest by inspiring the next generation of blood donors.

Membership by Invitation

A non-governing group of young leaders of diverse backgrounds, talents and interests who are invited to serve a two to three year term of membership.

YPA Members Role and Responsibilities

§  Plan and execute outreach events and activities to support Bloodworks NW’s lifesaving programs

§  Attend at least seven committee meetings per year. Meetings occur monthly.

§  Act as ambassador for Bloodworks by encouraging support from others in the community.

§  Promote and attend 6 events per year.

§  Become familiar with BloodworksNW’s programs and services.

Benefit to Community and Bloodworks Northwest

§  As young leaders in the community, the YPA is in position to make contacts for raising awareness about Bloodworks NW’s programs and inspire more people to donate blood.

§  The YPA is a cultivation tool to educate and recruit future board members.

Benefit to YPA Members

§  The YPA offers members an excellent opportunity to network with other young leaders in the community.

§  Members will be trained in various aspects of organization management including special events, public speaking, business development and marketing.

§  An introduction for those interested in pursuing future board positions.

§  Supporting blood donation and valuable research will lead to future cures for friends, families, and members themselves. 


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