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Adverse Events

Transfusion reactions require acute care and evaluation.
Please follow hospital policy first for their management and report suspected transfusion reactions to the Transfusion Service Laboratory. Most transfusion reactions are clinically minor. Evaluation and reporting are done at the Transfusion Service Laboratory. Rare, serious transfusion reactions may require investigation of components and/or donors and should be reported to Bloodworks Northwest for evaluation. Medical consultation is available at all times by calling 206-398-5999.

For questions contact Product Assessment:
Email: [email protected]
Fax:  425-656-3052
Phone: 425-656-3077 select option 2


For Bloodworks Transfusion Services/sites: Follow your facility processes to report the event.

For Hospital Services Customers with their own Transfusion Services: Report suspected bacterial contamination, transfusion-relation acute lung injury (TRALI) or transfusion transmitted infection (TTI) to Bloodworks Northwest.

Complete AABB form:

Critical items to complete on the form:

  • Reporting facility information
  • Patient/Recipient information
  • Current Status at Time of Reporting
  • Blood Supplier information (note products from suppliers other than Bloodworks should be reported to that supplier)
  • Reaction Information
  • Signs and symptoms at time of reaction
  • Suspected type of adverse reaction (e.g.TRALI, bacterial contamination)
  • Send AABB form to Product Assessment
    Email: [email protected]
    Fax:  425-656-3052

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