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Patient care

Rebecca Haley, M.D.

Professional Bio

Dr. Rebecca Haley is Medical Director of Cord Blood Services, the National Marrow Donor Program Donor Center and Apheresis Center at Bloodworks Northwest. She also gives medical direction for Blood Collection Services. She is a hematologist and has 20+ years of experience in blood center management and biotechnical development.

Patient Care Bio

  • Medical director of services providing stem cell collections for bone marrow transplantation from unrelated volunteers in the form of umbilical cord blood units, peripheral blood progenitor cells from apheresis, and qualification of donors for the collection of bone marrow that are distributed worldwide.
  • Special interests: Cord Blood collection, processing; Enhancement of cord blood transplantation; Regenerative medicine; Regulatory policy in cell therapy; Donor motivation and care.

Awards & Honors

  • Tiffany Award, American Red Cross, 2001
  • Petteway-Sheperd Award, North Carolina Association of Blood Banks, 1992
  • Institute of Medicine Committee on Recommendations for Cord Blood Banking in the US, 2005

Current Appointments

  • Medical Director of Bloodworks Northwest
    • Cord Blood Services
    • National Marrow Donor Program Donor Center
    • National Marrow Donor Apheresis Center
    • Blood Collection Services
  • Health Resources and Services Administration Cord Blood Advisory Group

Board Certified Specialties

  • Internal Medicine
  • Hematology
  • Oncology


  • MD | Medicine | Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • BS | Biology | University of North Carolina

Post-Doctoral Training & Residency

  • Internal Medicine Residency
    Virginia Mason Medical Center
  • Hematology/Oncology Fellowship
    University of Washington; Seattle, WA

Selected Publications

  1. Ballen KK, Kurtzberg J, Lane TA, Lindgren BR, Miller JP, Nagan D, Newman B, Rupp N, Haley NR. Racial diversity with high nucleated cell counts and CD 34 counts achieved in national network of cord blood banks. Biol BBMT 2004 10:269-275.
  2. Mc Cullough JJ, Haley NR, Clay M, Hubel, A, Lindgren, B,  Moroff G. Long term storage of peripheral blood stem cells stored with a conventional liquid nitrogen technique compared with cells frozen and stored in a mechanical freezer.  Transfusion, 2010 Apr; 50(4) 808-819.
  3. Gentry, T., Deibert, E., Foster, S.J.,  Haley, N.R.,  Kurtzberg, J., and Balber, A.E. (2007) Isolation of early hematopoietic cells, including megakaryocyte progenitors, in the ALDH bright cell population of cryopreserved, banked umbilical cord blood. Cytotherapy, 9;6:569-576
  4. Sa Do Kang, BSE; Hardean Achneck, PhD, Tim A. Carlon; Alexandra E. Jantzen, BSE; Fu-Hsiung Lin, PhD; Melissa M. Ley; Jason D. Allen, PhD; Thomas V. Stabler; Nancy Rebecca Haley, MD; George A. Truskey, PhD. Isolation of Functional Human Endothelial Cells from Small Volumes of Umbilical Cord Blood. Annals of Biomedical Engineering. E published ahead of print 04/19/2013. PIMD:23604849

dr rebecca haley

Bloodworks Northwest
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Main line: (206) 292-6500
Direct line: (206) 689-6301
Cord Blood Program: (206) 689-6312

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