Musics In Our Blood

White Drop


  1. I’m not eligible. If you can’t give blood for local patients, you can probably donate for research. It’s like buying a record instead of seeing a live show: your contribution could help over and over again.
  2. Can’t you make that in a lab? You can’t manufacture talent and you can’t manufacture blood: there’s no substitute.
  3. I’m afraid of needles. If we told you “Led Zeppelin is touring,” what would you do? You’d pinch yourself. That’s all you feel when you give blood: a slight pinch when the needle goes in. PS: Trypanophobia would be a good band name.
  4. I hear it hurts. There’s a reason no one writes songs about donating blood: Love hurts, giving blood does not.
  5. I don’t eat meat. Hail seitan! As long as you’re getting enough iron in your vegetarian or vegan diet, you can donate. That’s metal.
  6. I partake in legal weed. Cannabis use won’t hurt your chances of donating -- just save it for after your appointment. Far out.
  7. I don’t have time. It takes just four chords to write a hit song and only one hour to give blood. Simple. Beautiful.
  8. I just got my COVID shot. The COVID-19 vaccine saves lives and won’t stop you from doing the same. There’s no wait to donate after you inoculate. Vax on!
  9. There isn’t really a need. Without donated blood, a quartet becomes a trio: one out of every four Americans will need a blood transfusion in our lifetimes.
  10. Once is enough. You can donate every 56 days. Get into the rhythm.
  11. You don’t need my blood type. It takes all instruments to perform a symphony, and it takes all blood types to save lives in perfect harmony.
  12. I travelled outside the US recently. We’re jealous! Most popular travel destinations won’t impact your ability to give blood, and our clinical specialists can set the record straight.
  13. I have tattoos or piercings. Tattoos have become mainstream, and most won’t impact your bloodstream. If your body art was done in a licensed shop locally or in one of 40 other approved states, there’s no wait to donate. For everything else, it’s three months. You’ve probably waited longer to see a show!