Bloodworks Research Institute

The Biostatistics Core at Bloodworks Northwest’s Research Institute provides statistical services to investigators doing both basic and clinical research. These services range from assistance with initial study/experiment design to writing statistical sections of project proposals and manuscripts. The key areas of support provided are:

Study Design / Project Proposal Development

  • consideration of population of inference and appropriate experimental units within the population, sampling considerations
  • power/sample size determinations
  • development of a statistical analysis plan

Data Management

  • database design, setup and management
  • data collection: data capture, data QA
  • report generation

Data Analysis / Summarization

  • directed data analysis using standard statistical packages
  • development of statistical analysis algorithms for non-standard analyses
  • graphical data presentation

Proposal, Report, Manuscript Writing

  • collaborate with investigators to write statistical sections of project proposals, reports and manuscripts
  • in-context interpretation of results of statistical analyses

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