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Biological Products and Services

Bloodworks Biological Products is expanding and enhancing the range of products and services it provides to medical research and biotech institutions of all sizes – from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Established in 2005 as BenTech Biotechnology Services, the experienced team is now part of Bloodworks: a leading blood center and Research Institute that has earned an international reputation for excellence and innovation in all matters related to blood.

Services include donor recruitment and program management, blood collection, specialized cell processing and selection, frozen cell banking, execution of customized protocols for research purposes and consulting services.

  • Whole blood products
  • Isolated cells
  • Frozen cell bank
  • Customized cell processing
  • Donor selection and screening for assay response
  • Disease-state population recruitment and collection
  • Other custom projects

Research Donor Program

Biological Products has an established, independent donor pool of healthy, reliable blood donors, managed by an IRB-approved protocol and consent process.

We have capabilities to customize whole blood and leukapheresis draws to use lot or catalog number-specific anticoagulant, tubes, syringes, or any other products required, and we specialize in customizing normal controls draws to mimic clinical studies. Please contact us for more information about your special draw requirements.

Healthy donors can be selected to fit certain criteria, and recalled for longitudinal studies. Our database of donor demographic data includes information including high resolution HLA typing, CMV status and other donor selection criteria.

If you are interested in participating as a donor in our research donor program, you can find more information here.

Customized Blood Products

We have capabilities to isolate any cell type(s) from whole blood up to 500mL, cord blood units, or 1/4 to a full leuko pack using positive or negative isolation techniques with a magnetic bead system. Cells are drawn, processed, and delivered to clients as quickly as possible: locally or nationally.

Customized selection protocols and strategies can be established to fit project needs. More than a decade of experience allows us to perform with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Quality control is performed for all processed cells to guarantee sterility, viability, and purity – backed up by a detailed report following the cell delivery.

For pre-clinical assays our technology and reagents are FDA approved as IDE and IND.

Frozen Cell Bank

Biological Products maintains a frozen cell bank of PBMCs and Isolated cell types.
We have high resolution HLA and purity data for all frozen cells.

Since we maintain our own donor pool, most frozen cells can be used to screen donors, who can be recalled for special projects.

In addition to the frozen cell bank, customized freezing services can be applied to large or small cell orders, and can be performed according needs of the researcher.


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