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About us

Board of Trustees

Curt Bailey, MBA
President and CEO
Bloodworks Northwest
Molly Belozer Firth
MCG Consulting
John Fitzharris, MD
Medical Director, Medical Oncology
Willamette Valley Cancer Institute
Mark A. Hulak
Director of Mergers & Acquisitions
Josefina Fernández McEvoy
Independent Executive Advisor
Nathan Pritchard
Managing Partner
Sean W. Sigmon
Vice President, Business Development, Life Sciences
Craig M. Trewet
Director, Fabrication Airplane Development
The Boeing Company

Bloodworks Northwest Corporate Officers

Curt Bailey, MBA, President & CEO
Sean Sigmon, Chair
Craig Trewet, Vice Chair
Maxine Sellers, Secretary
Bob Gleason, Treasurer

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.