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Can refrigerated platelets improve heart surgery outcomes? DR. MORITZ STOLLA wants to find out — with the help of a grant from the US Army.

400,000 heart surgeries are performed in the US each year, and many of these patients need a cardiopulmonary bypass pump to circulate blood during surgery.

However, the plastic tubing on the bypass pump causes platelets, the component in blood that stop bleeding, to lose function. These patients frequently receive transfusions of room-temperature platelets.

But what if room-temperature isn’t the best temperature?

The Stolla Lab is testing whether cold-stored platelets are better at stopping bleeding in cardiac surgery patients after bypass.

This could translate to reduced blood loss after trauma or surgeries, shorter hospitalizations, and lowered mortality rates after surgeries — something that all bleeding patients, not just cardiac surgery patients, could potentially benefit from.

About us

Bloodworks Research Institute has been discovering and developing new technologies to save lives for more than 70 years. We were among the first research organizations to focus on blood biology, transfusion and transplantation research. Today, we are recognized as international leaders.

Patients are the driving force behind all of our research. Our investigators work to improve patient care by solving real-world clinical problems. Translating laboratory discoveries into patient bedside practice has resulted in many advances and lifesaving treatments developed Bloodworks and shared worldwide.

Bloodworks Research Institute has developed methods and treatments that revolutionized transfusion medicine:

  • Tripling the storage life of blood components, reducing severe blood shortages around the world
  • Storing platelets to enable bone-marrow stem cell transplants as well as open heart surgery
  • Improving transfusion therapy in treatment for trauma and burns
  • Enhancing hemophilia care, adding up to 30 years to patients’ lives
  • Improved therapies and extended lives for people with Sickle cell disease and other blood disorders.

Hospitals, universities and medical research institutes in the Northwest rely on our unparalleled expertise in blood research and transfusion medicine.

Chief Science Officer:
José López, M.D.



The purpose of this study is to provide blood samples, units of platelets or units of whole blood for blood transfusion research performed at Bloodworks Northwest.  After storage and laboratory testing the blood will be discarded.

Both male and female healthy volunteers are eligible to participate.  Person must be at least 18 years old, in good health, satisfy the criteria to donate a blood product and have good veins for the blood draw procedure.

Compensation is available based on the type of collection performed; $50 for a blood sample or $100 for a unit of whole blood or up to $150 for a unit of platelets.

The research study will be conducted at:

Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute
1551 Eastlake Avenue, Suite 100

For more information, please contact: Pat Klotz at [email protected]

Our team is growing

We are recruiting top researchers in blood and transfusion research to join us in changing the future of medicine—by making discoveries that lead to new diagnostics, new therapies, and new cures.

Our team is growing

Bloodworks Research Institute’s laboratories in South Lake Union can accommodate more than 20 Principal Investigators. We are recruiting top researchers in blood and transfusion research to join us in changing the future of medicine—by making discoveries that lead to new diagnostics, new therapies, and new cures.

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