Bloodworks Northwest Laboratories

What is the contact information for each laboratory?

Please contact the specific laboratories if you would like more information regarding any of our policies or services.

Laboratory Phone Number
Hemostasis 206-689-6395
Immunogenetics / HLA 206-689-6580
Genomic Testing 206-689-6269
Platelet Immunology 206-689-6543
Immunohematology Reference Lab 206-689-6534
Transfusion Services 206-689-6525

What kind of tube do I draw for a test?

It depends on the test that is requested. Each test has its own sample requirements. Please search the test menu for specific test to look up sample requirements for that test. If more detail is needed, the lab associated with that test can be contacted directly. Please see above under Contact for specific laboratory phone number.

What information is required to be on the tube after it has been drawn?

Each sample has to have a unique identifier and a date of draw. The laboratory can’t process samples without these two requirements. If they are not met the sample will be considered unacceptable and the institution will have to redraw the sample.

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