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Blood Components

In hospitals everywhere, your partner in healthcare

Selected to support more than 90 hospitals coast to coast, Bloodworks Northwest delivers comprehensive products and services to support the highest level of patient care. Each year Bloodworks helps hundreds of thousands of patients to receive lifesaving transfusions. Founded in 1944, we are local, non-profit, community-based and backed by 230,000 donors and volunteers.

Comprehensive Products and Services

  • Red Cells (100% leukocyte reduced)
  • Apheresis Platelets
  • Frozen Plasma (FFP and FP24)
  • Cryoprecipitate (single, 5-unit pools)
  • Autologous red cells
  • Units for rare and complex types

Specialized Blood Components

  • Dry Cryo (patients who cannot accept plasma)
  • Pediatric frozen plasma (50 ml aliquots)
  • Liquid plasma (never frozen – 26 day expiration)
  • Low titer Group A frozen and liquid plasma (can be used as alternative source for AB plasma in emergencies)
  • Granulocytes (for patients with low neutrophils)
  • HLA-Matched Apheresis Platelets (nationally recognized program)
  • Irradiated components
  • Antigen tested Red Cells
  • Biological Products (for research)


Bloodworks Service Area Map

bloodworks service area map

Medical expertise

Physicians who are transfusion experts, available for consultation 24/7/365

  • Exceptional Customer Service 24/7/365
  • Dedicated account representatives
  • Electronic/online ordering
  • Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL) 24/7
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Transfusion Expertise: Physician Consultation 24/7

Immunohematology Reference Lab (IRL) and Red Cell Genomics

Operates 24/7/365

  • Turnaround times to meet patient needs
  • Physician/medical consultation 24/7
  • Inventory of rare frozen units
  • Antigen typed red cells and HLA matched Apheresis platelets
  • Inventory of rare liquid-antigen-typed red cell units
  • Red cell genotyping
  • Online access to reports


How to contact Blood Components/Hospital Services

Vida Farhang – Sr Customer Liaison
[email protected]


Bloodworks Hospital Services

Committed to our customers

The Hospital Services team provides exceptional customer service through operational expertise, education, quality support, and best practices in the management and stewardship of your blood components inventory.

Our core values drive performance

Customer and operational support:  We recognize that our customers are our reason for being, and together we operate in a challenging healthcare environment. We go the extra mile to collaborate to fully meet operational needs from product order to final delivery. We always treat our customers with dignity and respect and foster partnership and open communication.

Inventory support: We value our customers by striving to always provide them with accurate and timely products for routine and emergent requests.  We provide their first choice in desired inventory, and choose the best and safest alternative choice if limitations arise.   We share best practices for managing their inventory.

Educational support: Customers benefit from our specialized knowledge of clinical issues, blood banking and inventory management.  We offer advice to ensure that inventory and clinical needs are met – backed up by our physicians who are experts in transfusion medicine if and when patient complications arise.

Quality support: We provide safe and accurate products through strict adherence to regulatory guidelines, standard operating procedures and good manufacturing practices (product safety, quality, identity, purity and potency).  Our products are never compromised by temperature deviations in storage or in transport.

Team support: We have established strong relationships with the Bloodworks teams that help us provide blood to customers – donor recruitment, testing, processing, distribution, and lab expertise. We are backed up by an organization that is more than 900-strong.

Employee dedication: Meeting customer needs and our core values requires the engagement and commitment of our employees.  We value individual initiative and expect our employees to work collaboratively as professionals in a team oriented environment to meet shared goals.

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.