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Local Blood Supply Faces Another “Perfect Storm”
News Release – October 6, 2021
Bloodworks issues emergency appeal to fill 2,000 open appointments, faced with staffing shortages, continued COVID-19 social distancing constraints, and alarming rise in cancellations. Impact on platelet supplies concerning for those needing cancer treatments.


Bloodworks Northwest says Western Washington & Oregon Blood and Platelet supply drops 40%
News Release – September 17, 2021
Local donors are needed to recover blood supply during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Nearly 1/3 of all blood donations support children and adults with cancer. Concern grows there will not be enough blood for our community’s sickest patients.

Music’s In Our Blood Campaign Launches to Encourage Donations Through Power of Music
News Release – September 1, 2021
Bloodworks Northwest is partnering with KEXP, Sub Pop Records, Starbucks and the local music community to generate awareness of the critical need for blood through music’s ability to drive connection, seeking 10,000 new donors by end of year.


Pacific Northwest’s Blood Supply Needs An Urgent Boost To Keep Labor Day Safe
News Release – August 3, 2021
Summer is traditionally difficult for the blood supply, made worse this year by a severe national blood shortage. Labor Day holiday weekend approaches, bringing a greater potential of accidents and injuries requiring blood transfusions as people travel and head outdoors to enjoy the weather. An additional 12,000 blood and platelet donors needed to donate through Labor Day.


Excessive Heat Drops Blood Supply to Emergency Levels
News Release – June 28, 2021
Due to record high temperatures, the Pacific Northwest’s blood supply has reached emergency levels this week and will worsen if donors do not make a concerted effort to donate. Blood drives scheduled for un-air-conditioned venues, such as community centers, have had to be cancelled and thus donations that would have contributed to the blood supply have been lost.

Blood Supply to Local Trauma and Transplant Centers Running on Empty
News Release – June 14, 2021
Bloodworks issuing urgent appeal for donors after inventories dipped sharply, coinciding with World Blood Donor Day June 14.


Bloodworks Declares Code Red To Combat Blood Shortage
News Release – April 23, 2021
Donors needed to book appointments immediately to end the blood shortage affecting local hospitals and trauma centers.

Local Blood Supply Faces “Perfect Storm”
News Release – April 15, 2021
Bloodworks Northwest confronts confusion over donation eligibility, warm Spring weather, and record blood usage. Emergency appeal for donors to combat blood shortage.


Bloodworks Northwest Issues Emergency Appeal Due to Shortages in Type O Positive and B Negative Blood
New Release – March 4, 2021
A 12% spike in recent demand has significantly reduced the Pacific Northwest’s blood supply over the last 7 days for Type O positive blood, prompting an urgent call for donations.


Seattle Mariners Honored by Blood Banking Industry for Blood Drive of the Year
New Release – February 17, 2021
Seattle-based Bloodworks Northwest is honored to announce that the Seattle Mariners Pop-Up Donor Center at T-Mobile Park is being recognized nationally by America’s Blood Centers (ABC) as the Outstanding Blood Drive of the Year.

Snowstorm impacts local blood supply, donations urgent in February
News Release – February 15, 2021
The weekend snowstorm blanketing much of Western Washington and Portland has created a dangerous dent in our local blood supply due to cancelled blood drives and inability to travel to appointments.
Over 800 blood and platelet appointments cancelled in three days due to snow.



Tragedy Becomes Call to Action on Washington and Oregon Blood Donor Day December 18, 2020
News Release – December 15, 2020
The 2017 Amtrak 501 train derailment demonstrated that when it comes to emergency needs, the Pacific Northwest blood supply needs to be stocked and at the ready – community ready. Governors Kate Brown and Jay Inslee have recognized December 18, 2020 as Washington and Oregon Blood Donor Day in recognition of the donors who stepped up before and after the accident.


Community Action Critical To Stabilize Blood Supply Through Holidays
News Release – November 18, 2020
As Oregon and Washington implement new state-wide coronavirus restrictions, Bloodworks Northwest reminds the community that donating blood remains a safe and essential health service.

Bracing for Higher Demand Bloodworks Northwest Calls on Blood Donors to Act Quickly
News Release – November 11, 2020
After weeks of strong inventory, blood supplies across the Pacific Northwest are fast declining, so Bloodworks Northwest is urging people to act quickly in the days ahead and into the holidays.


Dr. José López Named Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) for Bloodworks Research Institute
News Release – October 19, 2020
Internationally recognized leader in hemostasis and thrombosis and a Principal Investigator at Bloodworks since 2006, Dr. López will assume lead roles in growing Bloodworks’ Research Institute, recruiting new principal investigators and ensuring that the Research Institute continues to generate innovative and impactful science. Dr. Lopez’ appointment will expand and enhance decades of research and discoveries by Bloodworks that has transformed, and continue to transform, patient care.

Hurricane Delta Prompts Bloodworks Northwest To Send Emergency Shipment To Louisiana
News Release – October 9, 2020 
An emergency supply of 35 units from Bloodworks Northwest donors is getting ready to ship Friday to New Orleans, Louisiana in response to a request for help from the state preparing for a powerful storm.


Bloodworks Testing All Whole Blood Donations for COVID-19 Antibodies Through October 31
New Release – September 29, 2020
When you donate blood with Bloodworks Northwest, you will find out if you have COVID-19 antibodies that may help patients in Western Washington and Oregon currently fighting coronavirus. That’s because Bloodworks is extending their testing of all whole blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies through October 31.


Bloodworks Testing All Blood Donations for COVID-19 Antibodies
New Release – August 20, 2020
Blood donors with Bloodworks Northwest will find out if you have COVID-19 antibodies that can help patients in Western Washington and Oregon currently fighting coronavirus. Bloodworks is testing all blood donations for COVID-19 antibodies through September 30 as the demand for antibody rich convalescent plasma continues to grow in the Pacific Northwest. Learn if you have the antibodies powerful in helping critically ill coronavirus patients.

Bloodworks Northwest Seeks More Convalescent Plasma Donors
News Release August 10, 2020
In response to rapidly growing demand for COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma (CCP) from hospitals across the state of Washington and the nation, Bloodworks Northwest is expanding its Convalescent Plasma Donor Program to Everett, Lynnwood (in Snohomish County) and Vancouver, Washington (in metropolitan Portland) in hopes of finding more CCP donors.


Seattle Rep and Seattle Opera Host Summer Pop-Up Donor Centers
News Release – July 28, 2020
As summer historically signals a dip in the blood supply, two Seattle arts venues are lending a hand to support the community. In partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, the Seattle Rep and Seattle Opera will each host a Pop-Up Donor Center in August. Both organizations join the growing list of venues utilizing their community spaces to provide a lifeline for local patients

EFESTĒ Winery Hosts First Pop-Up Donor Center In Woodinville Wine Country
News Release – July 10, 2020
EFESTĒ Winery and Bloodworks Northwest are partnering to support local hospitals and patients through a unique blood donation opportunity on the Eastside. On July 21, 23, 27, 28, 30 the Woodinville tasting room transforms into an exclusive Pop-Up blood drive experience in an effort to rally local residents and wine enthusiasts to save lives.


Donors Needed To Stock The Shelves For Local Patients Amid Blood Shortage
News Release – June 29, 2020
Bloodworks Northwest is bracing for a severe summer blood shortage that could limit local trauma centers access to blood, so they’re ramping up their appeal for blood donations of all blood types. Anyone who donates between June 29 – July 11 gets a $20 grocery gift card for stocking the shelves for local patients.

Seattle Seahawks & Seafair Team Up with Bloodworks to Support Summer Needs
News Release – June 25, 2020
When speaking of Seattle, it is hard not to mention the Seattle Seahawks and Seafair. One a championship football team and the other a long-standing annual celebration of the city, both are beloved by the people. This summer, each iconic organization will partner with Bloodworks Northwest and commit to the health and wellbeing of the residents in their community.

Arts Community Opens Doors To Host Pop-Up Donor Centers
News Release – June 9, 2020
STG’s Paramount Theatre, the National Nordic Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum, and Seattle Rep will all transform into instant Pop-Up Donor Center experiences in an effort to support the blood supply and ensure that local hospitals can resume surgeries, medical treatments, and procedures that require transfusions.


University of Oregon and Bloodworks Partner to Bolster Blood Supply
News Release – May 29, 2020
The University of Oregon is stepping up to fill the growing needs by hosting a Pop-Up Donor Center providing a safe location for area blood donors to give critical donations.

Patients Are Counting On “Pop-Up” Donor Centers To Pop-Up Local Blood Supply
News Release – May 13, 2020
Bloodworks Northwest Partners with Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, Storm, Tacoma Rainiers, OL Reign and Everett Silvertips at Arenas, Stadiums Across Pacific Northwest to Provide Donors a Lifesaving Experience

Sports Arena Site For New Pop-Up Donor Center in Everett
News Release – May 11, 2020
Seattle Storm and Everett Silvertips transform Angel Of The Winds Arena into Pop-Up Donor Center to support Bloodworks Northwest and Everett community.

Hospitals to Resume Elective Surgeries, Triggering Surge In Blood Needs
News Release – May 6, 2020
Washington and Oregon hospitals are preparing to re-start surgeries, organ transplants and cancer treatments. Patient needs and requests for blood from Bloodworks’ healthcare partners are rising quickly, and could reach pre-COVID levels as early as next week before the blood supply is ready.

South Sound Community Bands Together To Save Local Lives
News Release – May 4, 2020
Tacoma Rainiers, Tacoma Defiance, OL Reign, Metro Parks Tacoma, and ClubCorp partner with Bloodworks Northwest to transform Cheney Stadium and Canterwood Golf & Country Club into South Sound Pop-Up Donor Centers


Seattle Sports Teams Unite with Bloodworks
News Release – April 23, 2020
Last week, Bloodworks and the Seattle Mariners announced a new partnership to host a 7-week long Pop-Up blood drive experience at T-Mobile Park to address the ongoing need for a stable blood supply amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Following suit, the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders FC, and Seattle Storm have all stepped up to the plate to provide extra assistance. Each of the teams have committed to hosting their own additional blood drive at T-Mobile Park.

Bloodworks and Seattle Mariners Team Up to Save Lives
News Release – April 10, 2020
Bloodworks Northwest and the Seattle Mariners announce a special three week Pop-Up Blood Drive experience at T-Mobile Park from Monday, April 13 to Sunday, May 2, 2020 to ensure blood needs are being met amid COVID-19 pandemic

Bloodworks Joins Partners in forefront of COVID-19 Treatment Study
News Release – April 7, 2020
Bloodworks announced today that it has partnered with leading agencies in a study at the forefront of identifying effective treatment for patients severely ill with the new virus by collecting plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients.

FDA Guidance Update on Deferral Criteria
April 3, 2020
The FDA published four guidance documents related to COVID-19 donor eligibility on April 2, 2020), including changes to previous policies on MSM, vCJD, malaria and variances that Bloodworks has long advocated for.


Blood Supply Stabilized; Community Action Critical to Make It Resilient
New Release – March 23, 2020
As the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local communities becomes apparent, Bloodworks Northwest thanks donors for their extraordinary response over the past three weeks to make up for a giant 11,500 donation shortfall after hundreds of cancelled drives since March 1.
Bloodworks asks donors to commit to their April appointments now to keep the shelves stocked for the transfusion needs that are coming.

High School and College Closures Wipe Out 25% of Local Blood Donations
News Release- March 16, 2020
Approximately 60% of the blood supply is collected at mobile drives, of which schools make up 25%. As high school, college, business, and event closures unfold across the Pacific Northwest, school closures add new stress to a community blood supply already in peril from ever-diminishing opportunities for the public to donate. First-time and repeat donors urged to help others in the pandemic.

Blood Supply Hits Emergency Level Due to Coronavirus Concerns
News Release – March 9, 2020
The accelerating number of blood drive cancellations due to the closure of schools, businesses, and events over coronavirus concerns has put nearly 60% of the community’s blood supply in jeopardy. For the safety and care of current and future patients, Bloodworks is urging the community to step up to donate and spread word of the current need.

Bloodworks Northwest Reassures Community It’s Safe to Donate Blood
News Release – March 2, 2020
Recognizing that donors may have questions and concerns in light of the state of emergency declared in Washington State following the death of a patient infected with the COVID-19 (2019-novel coronavirus), Bloodworks Northwest reassures the community that it’s safe to donate blood, and donations are continuously needed.


Local Car Dealer and Bloodworks Northwest Team Up To Address Urgent Winter Blood Shortages
News Release – January 15, 2020
Haselwood Auto Group, and its dealerships are sponsoring a chance for one lucky blood donor to win an incredible new car when they donate blood with Bloodworks. And not just any car – the winner will have their choice of car among nine (9) pre-selected new vehicles in the Haselwood Auto Group inventory.



Seattle Fire & Police Departments Kick Off Red vs. Blue Blood Drive Challenge 
News Release – June 12, 2019
Seattle’s emergency services compete to see who can inspire the most blood donations during critical
time for the local blood supply.

Microsoft and Bloodworks hosting World Donor Day Blood Drive on June 14
News Release – June 6, 2019
Donors needed to set a record for Washington’s largest single day blood drive.


Bloodworks Northwest Names New President and CEO
News Release – May 17, 2019
Curt Bailey to Begin Leading Bloodworks June 2019.

Pint for Pint program back in 2nd year with Seattle Storm and San Juan Seltzer
News Release – May 28, 2019
Bloodworks teams up to save lives with Seattle Storm and San Juan Seltzer, host Happy Hour games with incentives for donors.


Blood Supply to Local Trauma Centers Running on Fumes
News Release – April 25, 2019
Bloodworks Northwest issuing urgent appeal for donors after inventories of Group O blood dipped sharply.


Is the Nation’s Blood Supply as Important as the Opioid Crisis?
News Release – March 21, 2019
Top Federal Health Officials and Blood Banking Leaders Say Yes. US health official and Bloodworks Northwest CEO tell Congress the need for more young donors has never been greater.


Snowmageddon: Snowstorm Dents Local Blood Supply
News Release – February 6, 2019
The snowstorm and icy roads that closed schools and many businesses on Monday also put a major dent in the local blood supply, according to Bloodworks Northwest.
At emergency level—less than a one‐day supply—donors are urged to make an appointment as soon as possible before the second winter storm hits. 1,500 collections lost in last 3 days due to cancelled drives and appointments.



Thanksgiving: A Perfect Time to Share the Gift of Life
News Release – November 15, 2018
Bloodworks Northwest is bracing for a big dip in holiday donations and asking people to give blood during the next 10 days. Starting November 22 and extending until New Year’s 2019, Bloodworks is increasing hours at its donor centers to encourage donations. Most centers will be open on Thanksgiving Day with cozy offerings for donors.


Hurricane Season 2018 Looms–Northwest Donors Urged to Help
News Release – July 19, 2018
With the hurricane season here, experts at Seattle-based Bloodworks Northwest are concerned that a critically low inventory of type O negative blood and platelets will leave them hard-pressed to respond to the next national emergency, let alone meet needs of the nearly 100 local hospitals that count on Bloodworks for even common procedures like surgeries.


World Blood Donor Day 2018
News Release – June 14, 2018
World Blood Donor Day is an annual event thanking active blood donors and encouraging new donors, especially younger people and those unfamiliar with how organizations like Bloodworks Northwest collect lifesaving blood for patients.


Early Easter and spring break vacation triggers urgent need for donors
News Release – April 5, 2018
The cumulative impact of an early Easter and widespread spring break vacations has triggered a special appeal to donors to help meet urgent patient needs in Northwest hospitals.


Missing Millennials: Finding the next generation of blood donors
New Release – Feb. 14, 2018
According to AABB, millennials account for only about 20% of collections. Nearly 60% of all blood donations come from people over 40, and people over 50 years old make up a disproportionate share of regular donors. Bloodworks is ‘going to where millennials are’ as the way to engage this missing generation of donors.



Train derailment results in urgent plea for donors
New Release – Dec. 18, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors today following the derailment of an Amtrak passenger train between Tacoma and Olympia that is making major demands on the community blood supply. Bloodworks has issued more than 150 units of blood to respond to emergency orders from hospitals receiving people injured in the tragedy.


Thanksgiving: a perfect time share the gift of life
News Release – Nov. 17, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued a special appeal asking people to schedule a blood donation during the next 10 days. Starting on November 20 and extending until New Year’s 2018, Bloodworks is increasing hours at its donor centers to encourage donations.

Bloodworks Marks 20 Years of Leadership in Cord Blood
News Release – Nov. 15, 2017
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Bloodworks Northwest Cord Blood Services that collects umbilical cord blood in delivery rooms of local hospitals after new mothers have given birth.


Cookies, juice and free iron supplements are now part of blood donations
News Release – Oct. 31, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest is urging blood donors – especially young donors – to pump some iron – no trip to the gym required.

Bloodworks responding to Las Vegas Shooting
News Release – Oct. 2, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal for donors to help build local inventories in order to be ready to respond when shipments are needed to help victims of Las Vegas shooting.


NIH Awards Bloodworks $12M Grant to Advance Transfusion Safety
News Release – Aug. 29, 2017
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the national Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a grant of $12 million to James C. Zimring, MD, PhD of Bloodworks Research Institute.

Emergency Blood Components Sent to Texas
News Release – Aug. 28, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest sent an emergency shipment of blood components to the Gulf Coast Blood Center in Houston, and to Carter Blood Center in Dallas.

Blood Supply Drops to Emergency Levels
News Release – Aug. 17, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors today after supplies fell to emergency levels – a one-day supply or less. Normal inventory is a four-day supply.

Heat Wave Threatens Blood Shortage
News Release – Aug. 3, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal for donors after collections began to dip sharply as a result of the mounting heat wave.


Type O supply drops 37% in 10 days
News Release – July 11, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors after the community supply for Type O blood — the most common blood type among people in the Northwest — plunged by 37% since the beginning of July.

All too familiar with hospitals, local Boy Scout organizes blood drive
KOMO – July 5, 2017
When asked what the badges on his Boy Scout uniform represent, Seth Baker starts naming them off.


‘Walking Blood Bank’ Could Save Lives in Remote Areas
Voice of America – June 21, 2017
A blood network in the Pacific Northwest has developed a kit for transfusions in remote places that it says “takes the banking out of blood banking.”

Upcoming Events & Promotions

Music’s In Our Blood
The power of music and how it connects us is as much a lifeforce as the blood that moves through our bodies. In partnership with KEXP, Sub Pop Records, Starbucks, and the PNW music community, we aim to harness the power of music and recruit 10,000 new donors to support the critical need. Learn More


Arts Community Pop-Up Donor Centers
Multiple locations and dates
In partnership with Bloodworks Northwest, the arts community extends an invite to their next act, an exhibition of human kindness and care. STG’s Neptune Theatre, Moore Theatre, Paramount Theatre, Seattle Opera, The National Nordic Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum, and Seattle Rep have all answered the call and will transform into instant Pop-Up Donor Center experiences in an effort to support the blood supply and ensure a seamless restart to these procedures. Learn more.


Columbia Sportswear Community Partnership

All donors will receive an exclusive pass to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store in Beaverton when you donate at Pop-up or center in SW WA or Portland metro.
Offer available during February, May, August, and November 2021.

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