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Bleed for Blue and Green
August 26, 2019 – July 30, 2020
Show you colors and show up for your community!
All year long, donate and be entered to win exclusive fan experiences with Seattle’s favorite football team! Learn more.

Bold for Blood and You

Bold for Blood & YOU
September 15, 2019 – January 31, 2020
It’s all about YOU.  You are special. You are a blood donor.  Let Bloodworks take care of YOU like YOU take care of your community. Each month, YOU can opt in to win fun prizes that pamper and celebrate YOU.  Learn more!

Donate and Win October: Apple Watch, iPhone, and MacBook
October 10 – 31, 2019 (ended)
Give blood and be automatically entered to win Apple products! Donate platelets, plasma, or double red cells and receive two entries. Learn more.

Latest News


Local Car Dealer and Bloodworks Northwest Team Up To Address Urgent Winter Blood Shortages
News Release – January 15, 2020
Haselwood Auto Group, and its dealerships are sponsoring a chance for one lucky blood donor to win an incredible new car when they donate blood with Bloodworks. And not just any car – the winner will have their choice of car among nine (9) pre-selected new vehicles in the Haselwood Auto Group inventory.


Seattle Fire & Police Departments Kick Off Red vs. Blue Blood Drive Challenge 
News Release – June 12, 2019
Seattle’s emergency services compete to see who can inspire the most blood donations during critical
time for the local blood supply.

Microsoft and Bloodworks hosting World Donor Day Blood Drive on June 14
News Release – June 6, 2019
Donors needed to set a record for Washington’s largest single day blood drive.


Bloodworks Northwest Names New President and CEO
News Release – May 17, 2019
Curt Bailey to Begin Leading Bloodworks June 2019.

Pint for Pint program back in 2nd year with Seattle Storm and San Juan Seltzer
News Release – May 28, 2019
Bloodworks teams up to save lives with Seattle Storm and San Juan Seltzer, host Happy Hour games with incentives for donors.


Blood Supply to Local Trauma Centers Running on Fumes
News Release – April 25, 2019
Bloodworks Northwest issuing urgent appeal for donors after inventories of Group O blood dipped sharply.


Is the Nation’s Blood Supply as Important as the Opioid Crisis?
News Release – March 21, 2019
Top Federal Health Officials and Blood Banking Leaders Say Yes. US health official and Bloodworks Northwest CEO tell Congress the need for more young donors has never been greater.


Snowmageddon: Snowstorm Dents Local Blood Supply
News Release – February 6, 2019
The snowstorm and icy roads that closed schools and many businesses on Monday also put a major dent in the local blood supply, according to Bloodworks Northwest.
At emergency level—less than a one‐day supply—donors are urged to make an appointment as soon as possible before the second winter storm hits. 1,500 collections lost in last 3 days due to cancelled drives and appointments.


Thanksgiving: A Perfect Time to Share the Gift of Life
News Release – November 15, 2018
Bloodworks Northwest is bracing for a big dip in holiday donations and asking people to give blood during the next 10 days. Starting November 22 and extending until New Year’s 2019, Bloodworks is increasing hours at its donor centers to encourage donations. Most centers will be open on Thanksgiving Day with cozy offerings for donors.


Hurricane Season 2018 Looms–Northwest Donors Urged to Help
News Release – July 19, 2018
With the hurricane season here, experts at Seattle-based Bloodworks Northwest are concerned that a critically low inventory of type O negative blood and platelets will leave them hard-pressed to respond to the next national emergency, let alone meet needs of the nearly 100 local hospitals that count on Bloodworks for even common procedures like surgeries.


World Blood Donor Day 2018
News Release – June 14, 2018
World Blood Donor Day is an annual event thanking active blood donors and encouraging new donors, especially younger people and those unfamiliar with how organizations like Bloodworks Northwest collect lifesaving blood for patients.


Early Easter and spring break vacation triggers urgent need for donors
News Release – April 5, 2018
The cumulative impact of an early Easter and widespread spring break vacations has triggered a special appeal to donors to help meet urgent patient needs in Northwest hospitals.


Missing Millennials: Finding the next generation of blood donors
New Release – Feb. 14, 2018
According to AABB, millennials account for only about 20% of collections. Nearly 60% of all blood donations come from people over 40, and people over 50 years old make up a disproportionate share of regular donors. Bloodworks is ‘going to where millennials are’ as the way to engage this missing generation of donors.


Train derailment results in urgent plea for donors
New Release – Dec. 18, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors today following the derailment of an Amtrak passenger train between Tacoma and Olympia that is making major demands on the community blood supply. Bloodworks has issued more than 150 units of blood to respond to emergency orders from hospitals receiving people injured in the tragedy.


Thanksgiving: a perfect time share the gift of life
News Release – Nov. 17, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued a special appeal asking people to schedule a blood donation during the next 10 days. Starting on November 20 and extending until New Year’s 2018, Bloodworks is increasing hours at its donor centers to encourage donations.

Bloodworks Marks 20 Years of Leadership in Cord Blood
News Release – Nov. 15, 2017
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Bloodworks Northwest Cord Blood Services that collects umbilical cord blood in delivery rooms of local hospitals after new mothers have given birth.


Cookies, juice and free iron supplements are now part of blood donations
News Release – Oct. 31, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest is urging blood donors – especially young donors – to pump some iron – no trip to the gym required.

Bloodworks responding to Las Vegas Shooting
News Release – Oct. 2, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal for donors to help build local inventories in order to be ready to respond when shipments are needed to help victims of Las Vegas shooting.


NIH Awards Bloodworks $12M Grant to Advance Transfusion Safety
News Release – Aug. 29, 2017
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the national Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded a grant of $12 million to James C. Zimring, MD, PhD of Bloodworks Research Institute.

Emergency Blood Components Sent to Texas
News Release – Aug. 28, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest sent an emergency shipment of blood components to the Gulf Coast Blood Center in Houston, and to Carter Blood Center in Dallas.

Blood Supply Drops to Emergency Levels
News Release – Aug. 17, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors today after supplies fell to emergency levels – a one-day supply or less. Normal inventory is a four-day supply.

Heat Wave Threatens Blood Shortage
News Release – Aug. 3, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest has issued an urgent appeal for donors after collections began to dip sharply as a result of the mounting heat wave.


Type O supply drops 37% in 10 days
News Release – July 11, 2017
Bloodworks Northwest issued an urgent appeal for donors after the community supply for Type O blood — the most common blood type among people in the Northwest — plunged by 37% since the beginning of July.

All too familiar with hospitals, local Boy Scout organizes blood drive
KOMO – July 5, 2017
When asked what the badges on his Boy Scout uniform represent, Seth Baker starts naming them off.


‘Walking Blood Bank’ Could Save Lives in Remote Areas
Voice of America – June 21, 2017
A blood network in the Pacific Northwest has developed a kit for transfusions in remote places that it says “takes the banking out of blood banking.”

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