Donor Portal FAQ

Our new Donor Scheduling Portal is mobile responsive and makes booking an appointment from your phone or desktop easy!

Portal FAQ

Our new Donor Scheduling Portal is mobile responsive and makes booking an appointment from your phone or desktop easy!

Features we think you will love:

Find Blood Drives Faster

Search by city name, zip, or sponsor name to locate a blood drive or donor center near you and see all available time slots.

Know Your Stats

Once you create your account, your personal profile displays your blood type, donation details, history, total donations.

Track Your Health

See test results like blood pressure, pulse, weight, iron, and platelet count!

Transfer Donation History

For our returning donors, when you create an account, you’ll bring over your donation history and stats.

Advance Booking

Schedule your blood donation appointments up to four months in advance.

Update Preferences

Update your preferred name, pronouns, and sign up to receive emails and learn where your donation goes.

Ready to Save a Life? How to Schedule an Appointment in the Donor Portal

Watch how you can find and book an appointment in the new Bloodworks Northwest Donor Scheduling Portal in a few clicks or taps.

Bloodworks Northwest Donor Portal:
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to create a new donor portal account?

All donors must create a new donor portal account as of October 18, 2023. A new account is required to experience our new donor scheduling portal fully. We have a brand new system that doesn’t interact with our old system. You can schedule appointments and see your previous donations, test results, and more.

How do I find my Donor ID?

If this is your first time donating, you’ll receive a Donor ID on the donor sheet at time of registration. If you’ve previously donated, your ID will be on your donor sheet or in the new donor scheduling portal email announcement.

Still need assistance call 800-398-7888 or or email [email protected].

Do I need to know my Donor ID to book an appointment?

No. Entering your Donor ID will help to link your new account to your donation history instantly. If you don’t know it, no worries, you can still schedule your donation today!

To find your Donor ID and for assistance linking your account, please reach out to our Donor Care Team.

Will my existing appointments in the old tool still be valid?

Yes, your upcoming appointments will transfer into the new system.

No appointments are showing for the drive/location I want.

The drive you’ve selected may be full, but check back in the event a new appointment becomes available. Our donor scheduling portal makes it easy to find other nearby appointments by adjusting your search options by distance, date range, or scheduling up to 4 months in advance. New drives are added weekly.

How do I reschedule my appointment?

You can cancel and then rebook your new appointment or reach out to our Donor Care Team who can help.

Why are my donor stats not showing up in my donor portal account?

Donor stats should show up within 48 hours of your appointment. If it’s not showing by then, your Donor ID may not being linked to a Donor Portal Account. Please reach out to the Donor Care Team for help.

What are Digital Donor Badges?

  • A fun new rewards system within HemaConnect at Bloodworks! Donors can earn and collect digital badges for their donation achievements and holiday donations.
  • New badges will be releasing on a regular basis both individually and in sets. Try to collect them all!

I wasn’t awarded a badge I earned, how do I get that badge added?

  • We can retro apply a badge to your account if you meet the criteria for the badge.  Please reach out to our Donor Care Team to enquire and provide the badge name in which you didn’t receive.
  • Please note, Digital Badges will appear in the Donor Portal the day after a donation. Donors need a Donor Portal Account to view badges.

Need a little help?

Our Donor Care Team 800-398-7888 or [email protected] is here for you. Our team is happy to provide support, reset passwords, and troubleshoot. They’ve got you covered!