Identification requirements

What kind of identification do you need?

Thank you for being a donor! Your contributions make a lifesaving difference. We want to give you advance notice about two simple but important changes in our registration process that will be introduced this fall. These changes will ensure that we have the correct donor record every time you donate blood.

1. Personal identification at registration

We require one form of identification to register you into our system. This could be:

  • Your BloodworksNW Donor Wallet Card (with bar code); or printed wallet barcode or barcode sticker
  • A photo ID the clearly showing both your picture and your first and last name (Driver’s license, employee badge, student card, etc.)

2. Legal name for your donor record

We require your full legal name (First, Last and Middle Name) so that we can clearly and reliably identify you in our donor records system.

By informing you in advance, we want to ensure that your next donation experience is easy and hassle-free. It’s important for you—and for us—that we identify the right donor, every time.

Please help us be ready for the new registration process by making sure to bring your BloodworksNW donor card or some photo identification, and helping us confirm your full legal name as part of your donor record.

Thank you for your continuing support, and for partnering with us to save lives in the community.

Have any questions? Find our most frequently asked questions below.

Please contact us with any concerns you may have:  1-800-398-7888.

What if I don’t bring my ID or wallet card; can’t you still find me in the system?

While you may be in the system we are now required to have either a photo ID or a wallet bar code to identify and register you.  We can’t make exceptions.

Does my ID have to have my legal name?

Your ID has to have at least your First and Last name.  An ID with your full legal name is preferred but not required.

Will any company ID work?

Yes.  As long as it has your first and last name and a clear picture of you a company ID will work.  We can accept photo ID issued from a government agency, employer, school,  or military.

Why do you need my middle name?

In order to clearly make sure we have the right donor it’s best to have the full middle name.  A lot of middle names are spelled with the same first initial so having the full middle name will make sure have the right donor each time.

Why does it have to be my legal name?

Legal names help us ensure that we have the same consistent information about each donor, for every donation. It’s our responsibility to patients in the community to assure that we are consistent in every step of the process to provide a safe and reliable blood supply.

I don’t have a driver’s license, can I still donate?

Yes, we can accept photo ID issued from a government agency, employer, school, or military ID. The ID needs to have a clear photo of you and at least your First and Last name.

Does ID need to be current? (Expired license? Old student ID?)

No, it does not need to be current as long as the picture is clear and the picture clearly shows you to be the same person.  High school photos can be both painful and humorous to look at, but they don’t clearly show the person we are today.  So having the most recent picture ID will help to make sure we can get you through quickly.

How do I request a donor wallet card?

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