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Blood (whole blood)

Most people donate whole blood. It is quick and easy. It usually takes less than an hour in total. After collection, whole blood is processed into 3 components for use by patients. Red cells carry oxygen to organs and tissue. Platelets promote blood clotting. And plasma is the fluid that carries blood cells throughout the body, and also contains proteins that help clotting.

How does it work?

Whether you donate at a mobile drive or at a center, your experience will involve the same steps.

The process is easy and safe. Bring photo id with you. You will be registered, and fill out a questionnaire to confirm that you are eligible to donate that day. After a short interview and health check with the technician, you will be on the cot for your donation. We collect about one pint of blood in a sterile bag. Afterwards, you’ll be invited to refreshments, and then be on your way.

Your donation is then tested at our lab, and separated into its three component parts—red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Within 24 hours, the blood components are in local hospitals for patients in need. You can safely donate a unit of whole blood once every 56 days — or up to six times a year.
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Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.