Our Tree of Life Donors

About the Tree of Life Award

Volunteers who donate 100, 200, 300 or more red cell, platelet and plasma donations, reach significant milestones and receive recognition by having their names engraved on a leaf on a Tree of Life display. For many years only one Tree stood in the lobby of the Terry and Madison Center.  Now our Tree of Life donors will be honored at the locations where they donate most often. Trees of Life are on display at all the Centers.

Donors earn this recognition over years of giving until their total donations reach 100. This total includes any whole blood, platelets, plasma and double red cells, and double unit apheresis donations count as two donations! Donations are not limited to those given at Bloodworks Northwest. Those who give at other blood centers can have their lifetime totals adjusted to reflect their totals throughout their donation career. When the donor reaches this 100-unit milestone, he or she receives a pin, certificate and letter of commendation from the Blood Center.

If you know of a donor who should be added to the Tree of Life, please contact Donor Scheduling. We’ll add them to the growing list (over 2000 strong) of Tree of Life donors.

About Tree of Life: 200, 300 and 400+ Unit Donors

Community. The meaning of this simple word is quite familiar to us all. For the following individuals, a sense of community has come to literally mean giving of themselves. Time and again, year after year, the people listed here have made hundreds of blood donations to ensure that others in our region may survive.

Bloodworks Northwest is proud and pleased to acknowledge those generous people who have achieved a great milestone in their community: 200 units or more of whole blood, platelets and plasma (*whole blood only) donated to the community blood supply.

The Blood Center congratulates you for a remarkable achievement and thanks you! Each donor listed below has given over 200+ units of blood. For these people, community is a way of life.

Current Tree of Life: 200 Unit Donors

Jeff Aamodt Janette M. Adamucci George Daniel Ahlquist Sean T. Alabaster Cathy Maureen Aldrich
Nick Aldrich Edward M. Andrews Steve L. Arionus Norene Z. Arnold Cricket Aromin
Julie E. Atwood Malcolm Joseph Auble John T. Baker Shawn Bakker Brenda J. Bales
Alan Barlow Larry W. Barnes Michael R. Barr Dan Barritt Jayne-Alice Batie
Dave Becker Jim Beckley Carole A. Beecher Douglas W. Beeman Gasat M. Belo
Clifford Benson Hildegard Bill William R. Birks Thomas Andrew Bishop Tom Blikre
Dean Howard Boender Roger N. Booth John D. Bowden Dennis E. Bowman Bill Douglas Breitenstein
Bob Bridge Isadore “Brownie” Brown Larry M. Brown Thomas A. Brown Tom Brown
Randy I Brumbaugh Kurt Eric Brunner Donald Dean Brunner Lynn L. Caley Brian Campbell
James Michael Canon Ken Carlson Louis Carpinelli June M. Carriere Craig Cassels
Steve Cedergreen Chuck Cerveny Deborah Lea Chakos Ajay Chakrapani Coy R. Chappell
Carol Ann Chestnut David Michael Christensen David Christie Don Clauson Richard O. Coar
Chuck Colby Chuck Colby Brian J. Cook Dennis Correa Michael Craig
Dan Crawford Kerry B. Croover Terry Cullen Dennis Lon Dahlke Bobbi D. David
Paul E. DePrez Theodore Dimitriou* Wayne Dimmig Dirk Allen Douglas George P. Downs, Jr.
Nita Earsley Bro. Edmund G. L. Ebbers Martha L. Eby Scott Michael Eiler W. Scott Eliason
Patricia Arle Ellingson David E. Ellis Bob Elton Glenn Elwain William G. Elwell
Paula A. Emerick Thomas L. Englert Michael J. Fallon Tim Fant David A. Feinberg
Mark E. Fenske Scott Ferguson Roy A. Ferguson N. Kenneth Figgins John F. Filicetti
Barry Dennis Fisher* Robert Leroy Fluetsch Arthur Walter Freitag Alfred Vernon French Gerald Galland
Tim Garberich Richard A. Garinger Chris S. Gaspard Al Gerth John H. Gerth
Kurt Gibbons Skip A. Gingras Edward B. Glazer Bill Gordon Kris Graap
Ronald W. Grant William Eugene Grassie Rich W. Green Elizabeth Diane Greenhagen John M. Grendahl
Charlene Grinolds Denise Groteluschen John Guilford Donald Lee Guzman Jeffery M. Hahto
Shaun L. Hall Esther Rose Harmon Colonel Roy C. Harrington John F. Hartmann Kimble Sanford Hartwell
Robert Willis Harvey* Peter L. Hatch Irv Haug Erwin Charles Haussler Peter J. Haverhals
Susan Rasmussen Hecht David Thomas Heckel Elliot Heifetz Steven Alton Hendrickson Mr. Daniel P. Henling
Jerrold B. Henry Michael Charles Hetzel David William Hickman Michael John Hildrum Bill Hirshberg
Cheryl L. Hjelm Brian W. Hogan Marlene Kay Holkesvig Naomi R. Holmes Wayne L. Holmes
John P. Holt Dianne Howard Ivan Hoyt Patrick B. Hughes Stephen A. Hulsizer
Robert Anthony Hungerschafer Mark Huston Lloyd Y. Inouye Philip Charles Irvin Henry J. Iske*
Donald Vernon Iszler Lynne T. Iwasaki Peder Sommer Jensen Curtis L. Johnson Freda M. Johnson
Gary R. Jones Alan B. Jones Paul J. Jones David S. Kalpousos Nancy P. Kaplan
Roger C. Kellenberger Clinton L. Kelly Douglas Ivar Kerley Rachel Kiefer Jeanne Stipek Kile*
Sharon M. Kinder Rich Klepac Bruce Klouzal Lorelette M. Knowles Thomas Anthony Koch
Jay Kreissl Given A. Kutz Catherine Fern Lamberson Healy M. Landis Allan B. Learned
David A. LeFevre Scott W. Leopold Larry L. Lewis Lawrence A. Lewis Lyle M. Lewis
Lawrence Leroy Libby Daniel E. Liming* Debbie L. Lindstrom Mark Ian Little Floyd Carl Little
Roy Gene Loewenhagen Judy R. Loudon Russell C. Love Gary D. Lowe Stephen Lund
Paul ArDell Lyons Gerry MacCamy Gerald Magorty* Howard R. Martin* Joseph R. Martinell
Gary Joseph Mayovsky Thomas L. McBee Neil A. McClanahan James R. McCloskey Jeffrey Paul McCloskey
Christina L. McDade James B. McDaniel Stephen D. McHugh Sharon Southard McKenzie* Patti J. McLean
Mallory-Jerry C. McManus Richard E. McPherson Tom McQuaid Stephen A. Meadows Jerry Patrick Meyer
Robert Lewis Mitchell Andy Moretti Maita Lisette Morgan Patrick E. Morin Robert Edward Morris
David Young Morrow Tom Muir Elmer Neu Douglas A. Newman Leonard Newsom
Tom Nielsen Rick W. Nordquist John R. Ockwell Dennis Roberto Olivarez Kenneth Lee Oliver
Darryl Olson James M. Orchekowsky Kathy Osterfeld A. J. Parker Marie Parker
H. Bruce Parker Edi Parker John P. Patella Robert L. Patrick Carol A. Peet
Howard A. Pellett Carrie Lorraine Pentin Eric Pesce Kenneth L. Petersen Edward H. Peterson
Michael J. Peterson Rick Pfeifer Jim Phinney Donald E. Phipps Stanley J. Pilon
Gail B. Pintler Steve Jamin Pogge Randall James Polidan Gordon Joseph Polson Richard E. Ponshock
Betty Grace Postma Rebecca D Pradmore Rebecca Diane Pradmore Dale M. Putnam Darren L. Raab
Betsy Racoosin Robert C. Ramaekers John B. Reagan Russ Reuther Patricia (Patsy) Carolyn Rice
M. Gayle Richardson Terry Ralph Riggs* Gregg Edward Riley John D. Ringler Jacob Ritland
Frank Lynn Rogers Harry B. Romberg Robert W. Rommel Charles R. Russey James S
Arone (Ron) Healy Sather Linda L. Schad Arlene J. Schmidt Peter George Schmidt Gloria J. Schneider
Michael John Schooley Cornelis Jan Segers Dan Sheilds Mark C. Shinstrom Bryan Paul Shiraishi
Dawn M. Shirron Arthur Siegal Walter M. Sippel Michael Stephen Sitter Nina Ruth Siwek
Greg Skagen Clifford W. Skelton Theodore Allen Smith Susan Marie Smith Cathi Soriano
William (Bill) Raymond Sparks, Jr. Douglas Eugene Spear Dan Speigle Beverley Faye Sperry Carl Spitzer
Stephen Lee Stacey Thomas A. Steele Richard J. Steppic Clifford Duane Stevens William Verose Stipek*
William James Stoeck J. Elmer Stone Jack Straub Craig Charles Strausz Ian Anthony Sturm
Earl Christian Sutherland Larry R. Swanson Francis Joseph Sweeney Giles G. Sydnor, IV Dan Taylor
Roger Russell Theine Gifford E. Thomas Murle E. Thomas Marty Thompson Arthur Wayne Tinkle
Lynn Tissell Terry Lee Triplet George C. Turk* Eugene H. Usui Lenard Vander Woude
James Michael Vandergriff James Arthur Vaughn William H. Wakeley Fred Walker Loretta K. Wanamaker
Lloyd C. Warms Micheal F. Warner Frederic Augustus Webster Marvin A. Weiss Kirsten M. Weiss
William Lynn Weller Stu W. Wells Bruce E. West Dale Robert Whitney Dirk M. Wiebusch
Carol Wiesenbach Greg W. Williams Richard Williams Judy Jo Wilson Douglas D. Wolfe
Douglas Wolff Robert Bruce Wolstenholme Mary Kay Woolson Harry Yanagimachi Lanny Ycoy
Todd W. Yerkes Terry M. Zeitner

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.