Group A Subgroup Typing

Profile or Test Panel
Also Known as (Alias) A1 subgroup
A1 lectin
Indications Determination of the presence of the A1 antigen on red blood cells.
Method Immucor Anti-A1 Lectin
Test Information Assay is a manual tube test based on the direct agglutination of group A or group AB red blood cells of adults by Anti-A1 lectin to indicate the presence of A1 antigen and/or the A1 or A1B phenotypes.
Sample Requirements Whole Blood–red cells and plasma (EDTA, heparin, oxalate, sodium citrate). Samples without anticoagulant are acceptable.
Requested Volume 6 mL
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 100 µL red cells
Shipping Information Clotted samples or samples in EDTA or sodium citrate are acceptable at 2-8°C for 14 days.
Samples in heparin or oxalate are acceptable at 2-8°C for 2 days.
Transaction Code 3137-01
CPT Codes 86905
Test Schedule 7 days per week
Turn around Time (analytic time) 1200 PM Next Day; STAT testing available for organ transplantation
Report/ Results A1 Negative or Positive
Requisition Form Donor Testing RFT

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