ABO Compatible Crossmatch

Specialty Compatibility Testing
Also Known as (Alias) Electronic Crossmatch
AHG Crossmatch
Indications Patients who require red cell transfusion
Method solid phase, gel, and tube
Test Information Testing includes ABO/Rh and antibody screen on the recipient performed to confirm ABO compatibility. If antibody screen is negative, and patient meets criteria, an electronic crossmatch is performed. If antibody screen is positive or patient has history of red blood cell alloantibody, an antiglobulin crossmatch is performed and antigen negative units are issued.
Sample Requirements EDTA
Requested Volume 7 ml EDTA (purple top) tube
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 1-5 years old, 3 ml EDTA;
< 1 year old, 2 full 0.5 ml EDTA microtainers
Sample Information 2 unique patient identifers, date, phlebotomist initials must be present
Shipping Information Refrigerated
Requisition Form Request for Blood and Transfusion Testing
Transaction Code 3025-00
CPT Codes 86920
Test Schedule Monday-Sunday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 1 hour
Report/ Results Identification confirmed

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