Intermediate Resolution Typing HLA-DQA1

Indications Diagnostic Testing or Contract HLA typing
Method Molecular
Test Information HLA-DQA1 alleles present in an individual are identified at the intermediate resolution level; unresolved ambiguities in allele assignment are reported.
Sample Requirements Anticoagulated Blood ACD (yellow top, solution A or B) OR
DNA (with concentration greater than 20ng/ul and purity 1.7 – 1.9) OR
Isolated Nucleated Cells
Requested Volume One 7-10 ml ACD (yellow top) tube OR
200ul of DNA OR
5 million nucleated cells
Shipping Information Send sample at ambient temperature (blood, non-frozen DNA, non-frozen nucleated cells), or if cryopreserved (DNA, nucelated cells), keep frozen.

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

For additional information please see Ordering Information

Requisition Form RFT- Immunogenetics/HLA  Laboratory
Transaction Code 3915-30
CPT Codes 81382
Test Schedule Monday thru Friday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 7 business days
Report/ Results Faxed or emailed based on institution preference

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