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West Nile Virus Nucleic Acid Test

Profile or Test Panel
Also Known as (Alias) WNV NAT
Indications Blood donor screening
Method Roche cobas 6800/8800 Test System
Test Information Nucleic Acid test for the detection of West Nile Virus in plasma specimen.
Sample Requirements Dedicated EDTA tube for WNV NAT
Requested Volume 6 mL
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 3 mL
Sample Information Additional information for acceptable sample types and storage conditions.
Shipping Information Samples are acceptable for up to three days at ≤ 25°C. Samples may be used for up to 12 days after collection when centrifuged and refrigerated at 2-8°C within 72 hours of collection.

Refer to Additional information for acceptable sample types and storage conditions for more information

Requisition Form Donor Testing RFT
Transaction Code 3078-08
CPT Codes 87798
Test Schedule 7 days per week
Turn around Time (analytic time) 1200 PM Next Day; STAT testing available for organ transplantation
Report/ Results Positive or Negative

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