HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory Profiles

Post-Transplant Testing

Test Ordered:

Additional post transplant testing

    Available Tests:

HLA Antibody Specificity Monitoring DSA (Donor Specific Antibody) is performed with recipient’s post transplant serum. Antibodies to donor antigens are evaluated and monitored. Additional post transplant tests C1q and MICA can also be performed using the recipient’s post transplant serum.  Lymphocyte crossmatches may also be performed using donor cells and recipient’s post transplant serum.

*The STAT version of these tests is applied when results are required within 6 hours.

Testing Details for Post Transplant Workup

  • Specimen Requirements:
    • One 10cc clot tube (red top).
    • Additional ACD blood may be requested by the HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory
  • Labeling Requirements:
    • Specimen must have the patient’s first and last name, a collection date and a unique identifier written on the tube.
  • Analytic Time:
    • 2 business days – Routine
    • 6 hours – STAT (an additional cost will be incurred)
  • Testing schedule:
    • Routine- Monday through Friday.
    • STAT- As requested

All specimens must be accompanied by a Request for Testing Form

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