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HLA/Immunogenetics Laboratory Profiles

    Test ordered:

Within seven days before the transplant, a final lymphocyte crossmatch is performed using fresh serum from the patient and lymphocytes from the donor and the patient.

Testing Details for Final Crossmatch Workup

  • Specimen Requirements for Patient:
    • Three 10cc ACD blood tubes (yellow top, solution A or B), one 10cc clot tube (red top)
  • Specimen Requirements for Donor:
    • Three 10cc ACD blood tubes (yellow top, solution A or B)
  • Labeling Requirements:
    • Specimen must have the  first and last name, a collection date of draw and a unique identifier on the tube.
  • Analytic Time:
    • Analytic Time: 1 business day
    • Testing Schedule: Monday through Friday

All specimens must be accompanied with  a Request for Testing Form

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