Bloodworks Northwest Laboratories

Transaction Code and Test:

Patients awaiting kidney and or pancreas deceased donor transplantation periodically submit samples to the Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory to ensure a current sample is available for potential final crossmatch testing.  The samples are drawn at dialysis centers, at clinics or at home and sent to the Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory in shipping containers provided by the laboratory or the transplant center.

Specimen details

  • Storage serum Requirements: One 10cc clotted blood (red top,)
  • Storage cell Requirements: Three 10ml ACD tube (yellow top, solution A or B)
  • Labeling Requirements:
    • For samples provided by the HLA laboratory:  Specimens are pre-labeled with the patient’s first and last name plus a coded unique ID.  Specimen draw date must be provided by drawing facility or the sample is unacceptable.

For samples provided by the transplant centers:   Specimen must have the patient’s first and last name, a date of draw and a unique identifier written on the tube(s).

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