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Chung Laboratory

Dominic Chung, Ph.D.

The Chung laboratory studies plasma proteins involved in blood coagulation; abnormal function in and regulation of these proteins cause bleeding and thrombotic diseases. An improved understanding of how these proteins function may lead to improved ways of preventing and treating these disorders.

Focus Areas of Study

  • Role of apolipoproteins in thrombosis of small vessels
  • Biomarkers of vessel activation and thrombotic diseases
  • Stabilization of plasma proteins

Recent Findings

  • High density lipoprotein particles (HDL) can attenuate thrombosis of small vessels by preventing the formation of hyperadhesive von Willebrand factor fibers in the microcirculation.
  • High circulating levels of syndecan-1 are present in patients with cerebral malaria; the high levels correlate with (i) the severity of vessel damage, (ii) low platelet counts, and (iii) low levels of apolipoprotein associated with HDL.

Dr Chung’s Background

  • Joined the Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute as a full member in Dec 2012
  • Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Washington.

Representative Publications

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Chung Laboratory Members

Minhua Ling, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Phone: (206) 568-2166
FAX: (206) 587-6056
Sue Shin
Research Technologist I
Phone: (206) 568- 2211
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Forrest Nussdorfer
Graduate Student Research Assistant
Phone: (206) 568-2168
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Dominic Chung, Ph.D.
Full Member, Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute

Professor of Biochemistry, University of Washington School of Medicine

Bloodworks Northwest
Research Institute
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Seattle, WA 98102

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Tena Petersen
Senior Administrative Coordinator
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