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Zimring Laboratory

“Curing certain diseases and mitigating the suffering they cause inspires me to carry out basic and translational research in transfusion medicine and non-malignant hematology.” James Zimring, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Zimring’s research lab studies both the mechanisms by which such immunizations occur and potential therapeutic interventions to either prevent or overcome it.

Immune Responses to Blood Cells

  • When a recipient receives a blood transfusion, their immune system can make antibodies against the donor blood. When enough of these antibodies are formed, it can be difficult, and at times impossible, to find compatible blood for a patient. In such cases, the immune response may deprive a patient of otherwise life saving therapy.
  • When a pregnant woman makes an immune response to the blood cells of her fetus, fetal death can occur.
  • Some patients mount antibody responses against their own blood cells, which can result in sickness and in some cases death.

Zimring Laboratory Members

Ariel Hay
Research Technologist III
Phone: (206) 568-2173
Heather Howie, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Phone: (206) 568-2245
Jacqueline Poston, M.D.
Research Fellow
Xiaohong Wang
Research Technologist IV
Phone: (206) 568-2198

James Zimring, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
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Bloodworks Northwest
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Renetta Stevens
Research Administrator
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