How to Enroll

Thank you for considering donating your baby’s cord blood! More than 25,000 patients around the world have received cord blood transplants from donations to public cord blood banks like Bloodworks Northwest Cord Blood Program.

Signing up to participate in this lifesaving process is very easy to do. Before enrolling, take a few minutes to walk through the following steps:

1. Learn if you meet the cord blood donation eligibility guidelines.

2. Next, review the list of hospitals participating with our cord blood program. If your hospital is listed, and you are eligible, then here is the next step to sign up to give the gift of life for a second time:

  • To enroll when admitted to the hospital, let the labor and delivery team that you are donating umbilical cord blood. The hospital will have two forms to complete, the short screening form and the consent to donate; to enroll, let the labor and delivery team know. If your donated cord blood is banked, we will need to call you after the birth of the baby to complete a family medical history and travel screening.

Please note:  Either before the birth of your baby or after, you will be asked for a blood sample to be tested for infectious diseases. This blood is taken only from you, not your baby.

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.