Questions and Answers about Coronavirus

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Volunteer Managers

Bellevue Center
Claudia Carboni-Mues
Cell: 425-434-4207
Bellingham Center
Elizabeth Page
Cell: 360-306-0458
Everett Center
Effie Kuntz
Cell: 425-949-2830
Federal Way Center
Zach Wenman
Cell: 253-945-8669
Lane Bloodworks
Katy Colburn
Cell: 541-484-9112
Lynnwood Center
Robyn Chernick
Cell: 206-427-1654
North Seattle Center
Robyn Chernick
Cell: 206-427-1654
Olympia Center
Brandi Green
Cell: 360-528-0754
Central Seattle Center
Katie Holzman
Cell: 206-445-4667

Jackie Ng
Cell: 206-422-2125

Silverdale Center
Cara Valentine
Cell: 360-240-4296
Tukwila Center
Kimberly Thomas
Cell: 206-403-8871
Vancouver Center
Audrey Riggs
Cell: 360-314-8811

Your gift of blood, time or money saves lives.