Anti A Titer for HSCT

Indications Determination of the Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) recipient’s isohemagglutinins (anti-A) titer. The titer results assist in decisions pre transplant to minimize immunologic consequences of ABO incompatible transplant.

During post HSCT, the titer results of the isohemagglutinins are indication of the recipient’s immunologic response to the transplant. The titer can also be used as an indicator for when to begin transfusing the recipient of an ABO incompatible bone marrow with cellular products of the donor’s ABO type.

Method Serial test tube dilution methodology
Test Information Isohemagglutinins Anti-A IgG and IgM titers. Serial two-fold dilutions of serum are tested against A cells.Result is expressed as the reciprocal of the highest serum dilution at which (1+) agglutination is still present.
Sample Requirements EDTA tube. Serum separator gel tube is not acceptable.
Requested Volume 1 full 7 ml EDTA sample
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume Minimum volume: 1 full 7 ml EDTA sample
Pediatric: 1 full 3 ml EDTA sample; neonate: 2 full 0.5 ml EDTA microtainers
Shipping Information Ship at ambient temperature

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
921 Terry Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Requisition Form Request for Testing-Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
Transaction Code 3115-00
CPT Codes 86886
Test Schedule Monday through Sunday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 24 hours if weekday; 48 hours if weekend
Report/ Results Fax number required to receive report

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