Extended Patient Phenotype (7 or more antigens)

Also Known as (Alias) Red Cell antigen typing other than Rh antigens
Indications Determination the presence (or absence) of specific red cell antigens which includes, but not limited to: K, Fya, Fyb, Jka , Jkb, S, s.  Any patient that produces an unexpected antibody to one or more red cell antigens will need an extended phenotype of all the common antigens to confirm or exclude antibody specificity. Patients who may require long-term transfusion therapy (eg. sickle cell anemia or hemolytic anemia patients) will need extended RBC phenotype to identify the safest RBC product for transfusion. When an antibody identification workup is ordered, the extended phenotype is part of the identification process.  If Rh phenotype is desired, order Rh phenotype.
Method Standard test tube methodology, Hemagglutination
Test Information Test dependent on the antigen present
Additional Test Information If the patient has been transfused in the last three months, antigen typing of patient red cells may yield unreliable results due to the presence of donor cells. A pre-transfusion should be used for antigen typing, if available.  RBC genotyping can provide this information in recently transfused recipients.
Sample Requirements EDTA tube. Serum separator gel tube is not acceptable.
Requested Volume 1 full 7 ml EDTA sample
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume Minimum volume: 1 full 7 ml EDTA sample
Pediatric: 1 full 3 ml EDTA sample; neonate: 2 full 0.5 ml EDTA microtainers
Shipping Information Ship at ambient temperature

Send samples to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
921 Terry Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Requisition Form Request for Testing-Immunohematology Reference Laboratory
Transaction Code 3136-00
CPT Codes 86905
Test Schedule Monday through Sunday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 24 hours if weekday; 48 hours if weekend
Report/ Results Fax number required to receive report

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