Red Cell Antigen Phenotype

Also Known as (Alias) Extended Phenotype for E, e, C, c, K antigens
Indications Rh and Kell red cell antigen phenotyping.
Method Beckman PK7300
Test Information Assay is an automated microplate system for the determination of Rh and Kell phenotypes in blood donors.
Sample Requirements Whole blood–red cells and plasma (EDTA)
Requested Volume 6 mL
Minimum Volume or Pediatric volume 2 mL
Sample Information Sample must be refrigerated within 24 hours of draw.
Shipping Information Sample is acceptable at 2-8°C for 5 days.
Transaction Code 3078-21 PK Phenotyping – Selected
3078-22 PK Phenotyping – Universal
CPT Codes 86905 PK Phenotyping – Selected (Kell)
86906 PK Phenotyping – Universal (Rh system)
Test Schedule Testing on selected days depending on orders
Turn around Time (analytic time) 24 – 48 hours
Report/ Results Positive or Negative

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