HLA-DQB1*06:02 (DQB1 *0602) Typing (Narcolepsy association)

Profile or Test Panel Testing for Individual HLA alleles
Indications Narcolepsy Association
Method Molecular
Test Information Molecular typing methods used to determine the presence or absence of the HLA-DQB1*06:02 allele, which is associated with increased risk for narcolepsy
Sample Requirements Anticoagulated Blood ACD (yellow top, solution A or B)
Requested Volume One 7-10 ml ACD (yellow top) tube
Shipping Information Send sample at ambient temperature.

Send sample to:
Bloodworks Northwest
Immunogenetics/HLA Laboratory
921 Terry Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

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Requisition Form RFT- Immunogenetics/HLA  Laboratory
Transaction Code 3915-31
CPT Codes 81382
Test Schedule Monday thru Friday
Turn around Time (analytic time) 7 business days
Report/ Results Faxed or emailed based on institution preference

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