Bloodworks Northwest Laboratories

Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL)

Clinically Significant Red Cell Antibodies

Group I
Clinically significant antibodies
Group II
Benign antibodies
Group III
Clinically insignificant if not reactive at 37°C; possibly significant when reacting at 37°C
Group IV
Antibodies that are sometimes clinically significant
ABO Chido/Rodgers
Rh (D, C, c, E, e) Xga M, N Vel
Kell (K, k) Bg P1 Ge
Duffy (Fya, Fyb) “HTLA” Lutheran (Lua/Lub) Gya
Kidd (Jka, Jkb) Csa A1 Hy
S, s Kna Sda
McCa, Yka

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