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Blood Type – O

O Positive and O Negative are two of the most critical blood types that support patients in our local hospitals. 


39% of the population has O+ blood type.
As the most common of the 8 blood types,
O+ is always needed given the frequent use by hospitals.

In an emergency, it is the first blood type in use!
O+ helps patients with AB+, A+, B+, and O+ blood types.


Only 9% of the population has this blood type.
O- is the universal blood type.
This means that any patient with any of the 8 blood types can receive
O- blood donation to help through treatments or trauma accidents.

In fact, this special trait is the reason it is carried
on medical helicopters for immediate use.

Why Are O Blood Types So Important?

In emergency situations, sometimes patients are rushed to the hospital and there is no time to find out what blood type they are. As the universal blood type, Type O Negative can be transfused to any patient suffering from trauma making it invaluable. When there is a shortage of Type O Positive blood it creates a ripple effect depleting Type O Negative. So together, O donors are key to saving lives!

Bloodworks Northwest is the sole provider of over 95% of the hospitals in Western WA and OR with their blood supply. We have less than a single day on O+ and O- blood types that emergency centers need to treat patients. Please sign up to donate or call 800-398-7888 you need help finding an appointment near you.

O Blood Types are so critical that a number of donation slots are reserved each day for donors with these blood types. Look for “Whole Blood- Type O+ and O- Donors” when signing up!

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