Bloodworks Northwest Laboratories

Laboratory Staff

The Genomics Testing Laboratory is managed by Gayle Teramura, who is available to answer technical or laboratory questions at 206-689-6542.

For hemophilia genetic mutations, Dr. Barbara Konkle, Director, is available for your consultation at 206-689-6191. She is an academic hematologist with clinical and research expertise in the diagnosis and management of individuals with hereditary or acquired bleeding or thrombotic disorders.

Dr. Meghan Delaney, medical director, is available for medical consultation regarding red cell genomics at 206-689-6510. She is a clinical pathologist and transfusion medicine / blood banking specialist with interest in red cell genomic testing and applications.

Laboratory Hours

8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (closed on all Government-recognized holidays)

Laboratory Phone:

  • Red Cell Genomics: 206-689-6269
  • Bleeding Order Genomics: 206-689-2184

Facsimile number: 206-689-8378


Director – Barbara A. Konkle, MD
Genomics Laboratory
Hemostasis Laboratory

Meghan Delaney, DO, MPH
Medical Director
Red Cell Genomics Laboratory

Gayle Teramura
Genomics Laboratory

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